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Toners & Mists

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    Arctique Soothing Fragranced Mist 100ml

    An invigorating experience where warmth meets cold, the Arctique range is insipired by majestic nature. Envelop the body and create a soothing ambience with soft notes of white flowers, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom.
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    Atlantique Fragranced Body Mist 100ml

    Be swept towards the ocean with a scent reminisent of a gentle breeze, crashing waves with a hint of amber. This Body mist can be used for skin, textiles or for room fragrance.
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    Beautifying Tonic Lotion 200ml

    This comforting toner completes makeup removal for all skin types, even the most sensitive
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    Clarifying Water Essence 125ml

    With an instant smoothing action, this essence powerfully hydrates the skin and tightens pores. It transforms a dull complexion and visible pigmentation into glowing radiance.
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    Frigimince Spray 150ml

    This toning and refining spray improves the appearance of cellulite, reduces fluid retention and relieves tired and aching legs. Golden Chamomile aids the breakdown of fatty deposits, and the Menthol and Camphor complex stimulates circulation and gives an instant cooling effect.
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    Hydrating Body Mist 100ml

    This limited edition alcohol-free body mist is enriched with Aloe Vera to refresh, hydrate and wrap the body in a delicate scent with fresh and aquatic notes.
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    Micro-Peeling Water Essence

    Daily water essence designed to refine skin texture.
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    Pacifique Island Fragranced Mist 100ml

    A refreshing sense of relaxation and restored wellbeing - the Island Fragranced Mist takes you on a voyage to the sun swept islands of the Pacific with perfumed notes of soothing Vanilla, Coconut and a light floral touch of Tiare.
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    Reviving Marine Mist 150ml

    Energise and re-mineralise the skin with this refreshing seawater concentrate. To improve effectiveness, use before applying your skincare products.