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Mens Skin Care

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    Age-Defying Hydrating Fluid 50ml

    $67.15 AUD
    This unique treatment has an Age Defying Complex of myrtle and rice bran to increase collagen production and also a Hydrating Complex with Hyaluronic Acid that seals in moisture. A 2-in-1 emulsion to hydrate the skin each day and combat the appearance of signs of ageing in a single step.  Comfortable, healthy-looking skin that appears visibly younger.
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    Eau De Toilette Intense (fragrance) 100ml

    $82.95 AUD
    A fresh fragrance with citrus and woody notes to reveal the elegance of a gentleman
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    Hair & Body Revitalising Gel Cleanser 200ml

    $39.10 AUD
    2-in-1 product to cleanse the body and hair rapidly and practically for clear skin and clean hair. helps rapidly and practically cleanse the body and hair in the shower helps detoxify and provide moisture and protection for skin and hair helps deliver a fresh, zesty fragrance
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