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    Q+SOD – Active Cleanser 180ml

    $63.20 AUD
    Gentle enough for daily use, but advanced enough to provide corrective benefits, PRIORI’s Superceutical facial cleanser features antioxidants plus mild AHA exfoliators for a deep cleansing and pore refining. A smart face wash adapting to your lifestyle, its light lather in the morning is enough to keep you feeling clean and fresh throughout the day, while a nightly routine restores and prepares your skin for tomorrow.
  • 20% Off Plus Gifts

    Q+SOD – Brightening Serum 30ml

    $142.20 AUD
    Visibly improve the appearance of uneven skin tones, while reducing pigmentation, with this brightening superceutical charged with our most advanced adaptive technology. Featuring Retinol for skin resurfacing and a potent antioxidant complex for anti-inflammation, this skin clarifier works in real-time to give your skin exactly what it needs for a brighter, youthful look.
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    Q+SOD – Eye Crème 15ml

    $102.70 AUD
    This adaptive formula is the ultimate superceutical eye treatment. Featuring Retinol for superior skin resurfacing it reduces the appearance of unevenness of pigmentation while delivering powerful rejuvenating benefits in the most sensitive areas. Our exclusive antioxidant complex, combined with Vitamin A, will result in a smoother, more radiant look in this most important eye area
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    Q+SOD – Moisturizing Crème 50ml

    $134.30 AUD
    Our Q+SOD Complex is the magic behind the real corrective visibly apparent results you’ll see. This is what your skin’s been lacking and now, it’s glowing accordingly. Our rich, yet lightweight multi-layered formula recognizes exactly what your skin requires to improve radiance and moisturization for a softer, smoother complexion….aka, that glow.
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    Q+SOD Enlightening Peel Pads Pack of 30

    $86.90 AUD
    These Enlightening Peel Pads, enhanced with Retinol, are perfectly designed to provide the multi-functions of skin exfoliation, deep hydration, brightening and advanced skin smoothing so you can achieve your ideal skin. Strong enough to help visibly improve the appearance of skin texture, these peel pads are also well-balanced for safe and frequent use. Enjoy your most luminous complexion.
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