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Face Mask

  • Anti-stress Face Mask 100ml

    Intensive mask that soothes and relieves skin with redness and sensitivity. Intensive treatment that counteracts the reactive signs characteristic of sensitive or damaged skin: reddening, irritation and feeling of tightness. Its complex formula exerts a soothing, emulsifying and resurfacing action, returning comfort and softness to the skin. Enhances balance of the microbiota, essential to reinforce the skin barrier function. Its non-oily gel-cream texture provides freshness, smoothness and feeling of immediate relief.
  • Hydra-vital Face Mask 100ml

    Intensive treatment that re-establishes moisture levels in dry, dehydrated and/or devitalised skin. Its complex formula revitalises the skin by providing deep hydration, nourishment and reinforcement to the skin barrier. The result is a smoother, more elastic and protected skin, that can prevent premature aging. Its soft, creamy texture provides the skin with comfort, smoothness and immediate radiance.