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Renovative micro-capsules
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Renovative micro-capsules

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OVERNIGHT SKIN REJUVENATION POWER. A new step to incorporate capsules into your evening treatment ritual. These unique micro-capsules, which are plant-based and 100% biodegradable, deliver a high amount of pure vitamin C (20%) to your skin, in a velvety-soft formula.  Night after night, your skin is visibly transformed by the effects of this Vitamin C serum,  with proven efficiency to boost radiance and firm the skin while targeting wrinkles and dark spots.

How to use

Every evening, on cleansed skin, gently twist the tip of a capsule until it comes off, then apply the serum to the face and neck. Follow with your usual serum (if necessary) and your cream. EVERY EVENING FOR 2 MONTHS.


CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFICIENCY. 100% IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT IN RADIANCE.* +18,3% RADIANCE.** *Percentage of people who experienced a beneficial effect/improvement after two weeks using the renovative micro-capsules, observed using instrumental measurements (spectrophotometer/colorimeter) on 30 subjects. **Average result obtained using instrumental measurements (spectrophotometer/colorimeter) on 30 subjects after using the renovative micro-capsules.

Active Ingredients

    In a 20% concentration to restore radiance and firmness to the skin while reducing dark spots. It’s the ultimate versatile active ingredient for youthful skin!
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