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Perfect Shape Stretch Mask 10x15g
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Perfect Shape Stretch Mask 10x15g

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The tightening fleece mask Sothys Masque Strech Ovale Parfait combines the shaping effect of an innovative stretch fabric with high-tech active ingredients for revitalized skin and smooth facial features of the face oval. The stimulation of the synthesis of hyaluron, collagen and elastin fibers gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Cell-regenerating ingredients revitalize intensively and luxurious hibiscus stem cell extract brightens the skin. Intensive moisturization of the upper epidermal cells and a firming lifting complex combat the signs of aging for a smooth facial oval and a rejuvenated complexion.

How to use

Unfold the mask and apply gently under the chin and onto the facial contours.
Hook it around the ears to enhance the stretch effect while it is in place. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove.
Massage in the excess using the fingertips. No need to rinse.

Active Ingredients

    • Hibiscus stem cell extract
      Brightening effect, moisturizes the upper layers of the skin.
    • Brown algae extract
      Provides intensive moisture to the upper skin layers and binds them in the cells for a long time, promotes the elasticity of the tissue.
    • Almond kernel extract
      Firming, revitalizing.
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