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Environ Retinol Serum 1 is a Vitamin Step-Up System of serums and  has been formulated with high concentrations of vitamin A. It has been designed to help normalise the appearance of skin abnormalities and damage, and in promoting healthy-looking skin eventually creating skin that looks truly reborn beautiful.

NOTE: It’s a step up system serum so may be introduced once the skin is use to daily application of moderate to high concentrations of vitamin previously . You may be contacted by one of our professional therapists to confirm that your skin is suitable for this product.


  • Retinol
  • Colostrum


  • Helps to refine and improve the overall appearance of uneven texture and photo-aged skin.
  • Helps to refine the skin texture, giving your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.
  • Assists in reducing and improving the appearance of premature ageing and fine lines.


  • Step-up to higher levels of vitamin A by introducing Environ Retinol Serum 1.
  • Promote the appearance of healthier-looking skin as well as improve the appearance and texture of photo-aged skin, resistant blemish-prone skin and uneven skin tone.


  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products.
  • Introduce Environ Retinol Serum 1 slowly into your regime by adding to your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser every evening.
  • Gradually increase the amount of Environ Retinol Serum 1 while ensuring that your skin remains comfortable.
  • Use 2 – 4 bottles before progressing to the next step of the Retinol step up system, Environ Retinol Serum 2.
  • Alternatively, apply Retinol to the entire face area or to the areas you would like to target before your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser.
  • These steps can eventually be followed morning and evening.

Before using the Environ Retinol 1 serum, please note the following disclaimer:

  1. The Environ Retinol 1 serum is a potent product that contains high levels of Vitamin A. As such, it may cause skin sensitivity, redness, flaking, and dryness, particularly for those who have not previously used Vitamin A products.
  2. It is important to follow the recommended usage guidelines, and to start slowly by using the product once or twice a week, gradually increasing to daily use over time. You may be contacted by us to confirm that your skin is suitable for this product.
  3. If you experience any adverse reactions, such as itching, burning, or excessive peeling, discontinue use immediately and consult with studiocathbeauty.
  4. It is also recommended to avoid using other exfoliating products, such as scrubs or acids, while using this product, as this may further irritate the skin.
  5. Lastly, it is essential to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day to protect the skin from further damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. We recommend the RAD Antioxidant Sunscreen.

Please take note of these precautions before using the Environ Retinol 1 serum. If you have any concerns or questions, please consult with us.

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